Over and Out

Portfolio's over. Sigh. Do you want to see how I smile when I get cuak (panic). I'll show you.

See more pictures of our studio presentation at Tya's blog. It's a lopsided smile with a twist of irony. My face is practically saying "Right right right, whatever." I don't like that part of myself. The stubborn part. I have the moral flexibility to become stubborn when it's most convenient to not to be stubborn and vice versa. The point is, I errr... can somewhat decide the density of my spine. I'm neither spineless nor courageous. Just very very twisted and annoying.

My design days are over and I believe I know what I'm good at, an inclination that is worth pursuing. I cannot stand another few years of uni education. I need to get educated but in the dog-fuck-dog world of industrial and graphic design. I just really really like pleasing people with my designs, tu je. I like it when people reacted to my designs with a smile and get excited all of a sudden. I like it when their eyes gleam when they get to choose one design out of the choices I made for them. And I like the smell of money, especially when I can instantly get hold of it without having to wait every month for pay day. The unpredictabilty of it all is -whoa- so very exciting. It gives me a sense of purpose to get up from bed, knowing every minute I'll spend doing what I'm doing will contribute to other people's happiness.

I never say never but there is a high possibility that I will never be an architect. I've began to loathe architecture. I'm very sure this university has something to do with it but I'd reconsidered my options a long time ago. I'd officially stopped learning architecture 2 years ago.

All I need now is experience. Lots and lots of creativity-business experience. And the oppurtunity to design. I think I want to join an advertizing firm or make it on my own. This is as far as I go when it comes to planning my future. Everything else will be later determined by fate.

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Bill Gates, Anthony Robbins, Afiq Deen?

My first instinct would be to say finish your education so that you have something to fall back on. But who am I to say? So many have made it big by chucking their formal ed.. the Fedex guy included.

If ever.. if ever you go thru with it note that:

1. Bill Gates is 1 out of maybe 1000 that didn't make it.

2. Those who made it had a Life Plan when others didn't.

"The answer to these questions should be addressed in a well thought out, comprehensive business plan. Your business plan is a great sales tool and is your road map to your new venture. A well thought-out business plan should answer/address fifteen key points:

1. Who are you? Who are the players, the management? What is your experience? Have you done this before?

2. Where are you? What is the status of your venture? Do you have a working prototype or has anyone tested your product/idea?

3. Where are you going? What is your goal?

4. What is it? What is your product or service? This must be very easy to understand, even if it is complex. Investors will not invest in something they do not understand.

5. Who wants it? Who is your target market?

6. Why do they want it? What is the problem being solved? What itch are you scratching? What is your value add proposition?

7. How many might want it? What is your potential market size?

8. How do you know they want it? What testing/research/studies have you done that confirm your belief that “if you build it, they will come”?

9. How will you tell them about it? What is your marketing plan?

10.Who else has it? Who is your competition? Don’t ever say that you have no competition. If you have no competition, you have no market.

11. How are you different? What is your niche? What will keep your competition from duplicating your idea and crushing you?

12. What are the risks? What could go wrong?

13. What are the rewards? This is where you talk about the numbers/projections.

14. What do you want? What is the deal? You should propose a deal and an amount of money…enough to get you to the next significant milestone. Good = we need $3 million to reach our next milestone. Bad = whatever you give us is fine.

15. What is the exit? How does an investor cash out of this deal?What is "your" exit?

It is not at all uncommon to spend six months researching and preparing a business plan. Remember, your goal in raising capital is to get funded. You will not even receive a return telephone call, much less get a face to face meeting, if you haven’t done your homework. The key to raising money is to prepare a first class well thought out succinct business plan. As American Express would tell you… “Don’t leave home without it.”

Sorry for the long comment. The above is from a friend of mine, Keith Cunningham.

You might be interested in reading his blog as well. He believes not in Long Term Education but to learn what you need in your life.

3. Remember that "downs" are always preludes to "ups".

I pray for your and my success...