I think it is funny that a lot of malays detest KJ because he's Pak Lah's son in low and is now an MP of Rembau and yet they do not mind that DAP's Lim Kit Siang's son is now the MB of Penang.
I think it is funny that Rafidah is questioning Azalina's Wanita branch membership.
I think it is funny that Ku Li is contesting to be UMNO's President.
I think it is funny that Mukhriz is being alienated by the Pemuda clan because he wants PakLah to resign for his poor performance as the Prime Minister.
I think it is funny that Anwar Ibrahim will be paying Sabah and Sarawak's MPs to join PKR and will elect himself as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.
But most of all, I think it is funny that UMNO is squabbling within themselves after a historic loss.
The funniest of all would be the fact that malays are still factioning themselves while the chinese are regrouping and strenghtening their ties. Yes yes yes, DAP is opting for a Malaysian Malaysia... but forgive me for being cautious but I've never met an honest chinese person before (with the exception of my former classmates)
And I can still remember what triggered 13th of May 1969. Despite the election outcomes, it was triggered when thousands of chinese marched through a dominant malay street and jeered at them, carrying brooms. The funny thing would be that a lot of those malays voted for DAP and DAP fanatics were all "Get some of this, SUCKA!" on them.
Do we want another 13th of May? Do we?
Maybe we should as a commeration or a refreshment course of what we've been fighting for all these years.
Maybe a lot of us had forgotten why we uphold the Malay Ketuanan status. It is not because we want to reap the nation's wealth with biased distribution of contracts and business oppurtunities but simply because we are entrusted Muslims who are capable of governing a just and prosperous country.
For what is worth, I will vow not to trust any non-muslims when it comes to running this country because as a Muslim, we are bound by moral codes and ethics and our concern is this life and the hereafter.
We are Muslims first, Malay second.
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ray said...

interesting.. personally do you think tht the malays themselves dont even bother about their ketuanan melayu by voting anwar. he's promoting equality among all races. tht's wht the chinese and indians understand, not tht im being racist bcause i hv loads of non malay friends. most malays dont even care about their ketuanan. i mean, in time itll affect their whole anak cucu and so on so on.. no more deb, so malays hv really really got to push themselves.. something they are not doing now.. uhhh... i dont understand those kind of malays who'd put religion behind politics.. just to satisfy themselves i guess..dungufied..


hear, hear.

ray said...