One of the many meals I'd eaten must've been unsanitary, which might explain my severe case of diarrhea that includes headaches, a fever and loose motion.

It all started with a nightmare I had on Sunday, a compilation of many ways I get myself killed. It's like my very own Final Destination. Scary giler. I've been lying on my bed for three frieking days. Too tireless to sleep but too tired to get off bed.

I don't get sick easily so when I do, I sometimes have no idea how to treat my illnesses. So when I found out how sick I was, I asked a lot of people about diarrhea remedies, only to find out most of their ideal treatments are somewhat bizzare.

1. Drink a lot of 100 PLUS

2. Pil Teck Aun

3. A spoonfull of honey and a quarter glass of vinegar

4. Mahalah Siddiq's Chicken Chop?

5. A whole day's sleep

7. Eno

8. Milo ais

9. Sweet yogurt (the mid-eastern type)

10. A spoonful of sugar (must be a Marry Poppins fan)

and the weirdest of the lot:

11. Watch porn


lubna said...

Go for the isotonic drink suggestion. Usually works for me. But if it gets really bad, you should get one of those round black pills from the clinic.

Sorry to hear you're sick.

Get better soon!

syima said...

dude, the nasi ayam siddiq as remedy is HIHIHIHILARIOUS! =D

afiq said...


chicken chop la sayang

syima said...

oopsss.. wht the hell was i thinking? *burrrrpp* just had ns ayam yumm yumm

lifeinside said...

locally we have the ultimate medicine = POLYSORB. tak tau kat malaysia panggil apa, it's white powderish, campur dalam air, minum. group of drugs: enterosorbent. try if u can find in pharmacy, a bit expensive, but ur stomach ache due to diarrhea will disappear in less than 15 mins.

mechanism of action: absorb toxins produced due to by-product of pathogenic microb in ur food.

no diarrhea, ur stool will stiffen up. before sakit perut capai botol ubat ni kat rak minum n tido...

Anonymous said...

just pray