Again with the Hair!

Today's portfolio was a bumpy one. To start off the whole drama, I was screamed at by a lecturer in front of 15 other lecturers because of my hair. Again with the hair. After presenting the site analysis with my studiomate, the lecturer stood up and commented me about my hair. As his voice grew louder and his eyes buldging out of his skull's sockets, I smiled.... and smiled even more.
It was a strange reaction of public humiliation but hey, I imagined butterflies and roses coming out of his mouth, not insults.
I'm in my third year and I'm still getting scolded for my fringe. It's a fringe, get over it. Islamic indeed! The thought of IIUM being an Islamic university never fails to make me vomit. Why, if having a fringe is so unIslamic, how about public humiliation? Islamic meh?
It has been going on for years, his vendetta against my hair. Apparently, he will only be satisfied when every strand of hair is a quarter of inch long. He then demanded that I cut it before tomorrow which I won't. The funny thing was, while he was spraying his saliva all over our site analysis model, a couple of lecturers were whispering audibly.
"Pendek la tuh..." whispered one.
"I've seen longer..." whispered another.
By the end of the presentation which will be our last, the most memorable thing that will forever be remembered by all the lecturers of our studio will be Afiq's cool fringe.
And I'm rather proud of that, thank you very much.
In a nutshell, IIUM is an excellent university with comprehensive learning of Islamic values. The IIUM staffs will make sure that you will abide by the concept of Tawhid by commenting, insulting, intimidating and my personal favourite, by giving RM50 summons to ensure graduates will turn out to become model citizens with strong Islamic principles and thorough understanding of values and virtues. Dot dot dot.


renegix_01 said...

mereka yg berkuasa suke sgt menindas org dengan polisi yang pelik2..sedangkan mende tuh tak nampak efek untuk jangka masa panjang.....x paham dengan universiti di malaysia yang buat macam-macam peraturan merepek yang kononnye nak mendisiplinkan para pelajar.Tapi bile pelajar keluar u aje..masing2 x ikut pon disiplin tuh..

Paling xleyh lupe..mase aku pi usm...kene sound ngan pak guard sbb aku x pakai baju berkolar..wakakakak...geli gile..u kat tempat aku belajar xde pulak buat peraturan pelik cemni.RAsenye polisi cemtu nak suruh budak2 jadi hipokrit kot kat dalam u..


kaoru said...

Seriously your hair lawa gilew

Irzan said...

i thought fringe is a girl thing?

imagining butterfly n roses coming out fr his nose is a good n funny way to not think about it hence avoid stress :) kudos!

ikanrerama said...

mase aku pi usm...kene sound ngan pak guard sbb aku x pakai baju berkolar..wakakakak...geli gile.

memang pun usm ade implementation of clothes etiquette yg pelik. arituh gue pi canselori pakai selipar jepun pak guard tak sound, member gue kat sebelah pakai round-necked shirt kena sound plak. go figure.

oh, afiq. your hair ain't too funky. kalau org tak suka tuh nak wat camne. you're right. just keep on smiling. (^_^)

hanyhany said...

oh i read you

those rm 50 notes just keep flying out of my pocket and into the guard's fat, greedy palms.

i suppose i'm financing his spankin-new sport rims.

Miss Aida said...

If your hair is as long as it is in the picture... I don't think it's very long at all!

What are they looking for, miliatary?

afiq said...

my hair is exactly like the picture. And that's pretty long around here.

And just now when I went through the gates, a pak guard gave me a red A5 paper.

"Nah, kad kahwin." katanye.

He gave me a warning flyer, reminding students to observe the university codes or else... students will get barred from taking exams.

Cool eh?