Makcik Yang Bermasalah Dengan Anaknya

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Tomorrow's presentation day and I'm amused by how calm I am right now. After three years of constant procrastination, this dog finally learned a new trick!
I was waiting for my design to finish printing and decided to venture out to the unknown; I went to Carrefour. As I was strolling its empty corridors to the food court and amused myself prying over desperate salesmen and delusional housewives, I noticed an old women tagging along a seemingly stuck-up yuppy lady. We went to the same stall and as she ordered for herself and the old lady, she scold the old lady for constantly shaking her hands while carrying her yong tau fu. "Ape ni? Tumpah lah kuah tu. Janganlah menyusahkan I ok? Go straight ahead to the table..." The old lady tried to carry her yong tau fu and spilled a few drips of gravy onto the floor. "Go go go go, to the table!" the stuck-up yuppy paid the cashier, carried their food and went straight to a vacant table, leaving the old lady behind.
I shook my head in disbelief and having an attention span of a fly, I quickly gorge my mind with images of myself gorging.
After an hour of reading KLUE magazine in a public toilet (reading with my pants down is somewhat liberating) and surveying handphone housings, I went back to my car. Beside my car is a volvo with its passenger seat door opened. The old lady I saw earlier was sitting in it alone.
"Oh mak!" muttered a very shock pengecut.
"Nak, makcik ni, yang tadi tu."
"Terkejut saye. Minta maaf ek."
"Maaf lah nak ternampak anak makcik mengamuk tadi."
I sensed myself trying my best to somehow distant myself from the women. I didn't want to know what's up with her and her mother. I have loads of issues to settle with mine and didn't want to be burdened by another bitter child-mother experience.
"Biasa la tu, orang muda-muda makcik..."
"Dulu saya macam tu lah, nak sangat anak saya sempurna, cukup, senang."
Omg omg omg, she's spilling it! Wait, wait, wait. What the heck eh, listening to other people's problem is therapeutic. And there we were, two opened doors, a satria and a very savvy looking volvo.
"Sekarang die dah sempurna, die dah senang, die dah cukup tapi die marah dekat makcik. Biasalah kita nak buat ape lagi, tak pernah nak berbaik."
"Makcik ade kasar dengan anak makcik ke dulu?" asked the penyibok owner of a loud satria.
"Bukan kasar, tegas. Tak tau la die skarang kenape. Dah senang tapi tak senang-senang lagi. Susah je hati die. Apa-apa pun makcik jugak kene. Tak tau la..."
"Susahla ek.. saye pun bergaduh ngan mak saye jugak. Dah 3 bulan lebih tak cakap.."
"Iye? Sekarang rase macam mane?"
"Entahlah, rasa bebas sket kot, macam dah tak susah hati sangat."
"Pape pun nak, nasihat orang tua nih, pape pun buat ape yang kite nak untuk Allah, bukan untuk orang lain. Ingat mulut orang tua masin.."
"Makcik suke makan choki-choki? Saye ade beli lebih ni takut tak habis pulak."
Yes, as inappropriate as that might be, she'd accepted my buy 10 free 1 packet of choki-choki and continued waiting in the car.
I left Carrefour wondering about what she'd said and until now could not comprehend with the gravity of her situation. I guess life IS a cycle. You may not mean anything terrible with people around you but exuding anger and frustration is like a ride to the Eye of Malaysia. You will somehow get back to the same place, to the same state of reckoning. As I was nearing my emotional epiphany, I finally remembered I actually bought the choki-choki for my roommate. Dia pesan. I bought another packet at 7/11 on my way to UIA.
Thank god its a buy 10 free 1 promotion packet. What a money saver!
Oh yeah, introducing the very famous MAK BEDAH!!!!

And my man Dr. M admitting his Machiavellian rule of thumb. It's politics man, it's only natural. You stab me I stab you, huhuhu.

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