Nodame Cantabile

I dig mangas and animes only when it is about a certain passion, has a storyline that revolves around a most desired dream and has a hero or heroine that cries not because his or her love to a person, but because of their passion.
The word for today: Passion
The reason why I'm blogging about my closet geek addiction is because I'm still under the magical influence of Nodame Cantabile. I browsing other people's shared folder and came across the word Cantabile. It reminded me of Andante Cantabile popularized by Tchaikovsky. It's what I personally call a Life Ochestra because it doesn't evoke any expected grandieur but has a surprising quality to it when it is listened to in a casual setting. It has that miso soup effect; the deliciousness of minimalism.
So apa lagi, cuba lah tengok satu episode.
Mak aih, like any passion driven animes or manga, the dorama delivered just that but with a subtle hint of obsession, especially the main male character Chiaki, whose obsession for perfection deterred him from enjoying classical music for its raw beauty.
It's very much like Yakitate Japan but without the naiveness, non-existing love interest and of course lah, bread. Which is one of the many reasons why I dig it. And yesssss, the hero, like all of my favourite animes and mangas, cooks really well.
The best part of this dorama (which mean drama) is they'll feature orchestra pieces and my personal favourites like Symphony no.5 in F major my Chopin and gave it a funny twist. Presentations of Symphony no.7 by Beethoven was also given a slight twist, a good kind of twist that is. A sort of twinning that suits the asian appreciation of classical music: Cantabile. Even the background soundtracks are classical music which fills my room with unprepared dramas and sober awakenings.
And plus the hero and heroine's really hot. And the comical flow of the dorama can be equally compared to Gokusen (the yakuza princess teacher).

All in all, people who loves listening and appreciating classical music should really watch the dorama series, even if you're not a japanese drama enthusiast. It reflects a certain degree of humanity to pieces I love and admire and gives it kick, as if shouting "I can exist in real life too!"
Yes I'm a geek and I embrace my geekness with so much pride a single person can muster to handle. I just wish there's a manga or anime about my passion. No, it's not architecture. It's not writing either. It is something I'm very good at doing. Something that will make me smile without the thought of the scent of 50 ringgit.
You'll know it if you know me.

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