DAPat sudah maaa....

I'm really really tired. Really really really really tired. It's the aftermath of the final presentation. After three weeks of constant thinking and designing, the week after the presentation is bound to be a week of tireless sleeping, idle reading and music listening, it's like refilling the three week's absence of boredom.
DAP DAP, sikalang baru lu tau.
I told you many a time, DAP consists of racist twits who do not respect our constitution and culture.
I told you so.
I told you so.
We are not racist people, we malay. We go to chinese business establishment and get cheated and won't mind at all. Do you think for a second chinese people will even touch the tiles of a malay establishment? Maybe western-educated chinese in KL won't mind but not the rest of the lot. So when DAP decides to abolish NEP because they don't want race to become a barrier of a wholesome social and economic development, please anticipate the fact that the only people who will benefit from this is the chinese because malays are not prepared to survive in the chinese-dominated business atmosphere.
They can say whatever they want but Malaysia is very much a third world country with a third world mentality. A type of mentality where a privileged bunch of people can easily take advantage of the downtrodden. Where the priviledged can justify their hideous acts based on biased logic.
I told you so.

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jannah said...

kata2mu ni sprti bapaku..(teringat..)hehe.....