I don't get why people obsessively watch that reality show. You know lah, the reality show where singer wannabes exploit themselves by living and 'learning' for the voyueristic pleasures of unnerving hypocritical fans.

Yes that show. Akademi Fantasia.

It's a show with no integrity what-so-EVER.

Unlike reality shows like American Idol or Apprentice, Akademi Fantasia exploits people's weaknesses, family backgrounds, personal traits and worst of all, scandals. And the best part of the whole Fantasia madness is how people spend hundreds or thousands of ringgit they can use for their children education or books (yes books) by voting and chatting on the @15 channel.

Syabas orang-0rang Melayu yang:

1. Miskin

2. Bodoh

2. Malas

Go ahead. Have fun. Spend all the money you have voting. I bet the singer is a great investment for your children's future.


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Anonymous said...

Nicely put, Afiq!!Im also sick with the AF thing..

Umi Qazrina

Danny said...

i cant find any solid reason not to agree with this posting

saya juga tak suka melayu yang suka tagih subsidi , pemalas dan tak nak berusaha jadi pintar

Helmey said...

Saya pula suka melihat af6 walaupun apa yang orang kata. Tapi tidak pula untuk mengundi sesiapa wlaupun suka tengok. he he he seperti juga tengok American Idol, Malaysian Idol or rancangan realiti yang lain spt nescafee kick-start. Yang paling tak suka ialah rancangan realiti mencari jodoh. Itu i gelar tak tahu malu. Rela tgk org menyanyi lagi. Anyway this is only my opinion and i still respect ur opinion. Tq

afiq said...

ur welcome

fadz said...

wha, hit the mark, bravo!