A Cut-Off Journey

I know.. I know... So poyo.


I have a new set of resolutions ready and one of them is to make my blog look 'serious'.

The whole week was such a blur. I didn't think much, I ate like a pig on vacation to pasar malam, sleep like a wreck and didn't care much about anything remotely important. I considered this week as my Post-Break Up Berkabung period. I can pretend to not feel a thing, breaking a 3 year relationship but the heart knows not the logic of plastering emotions. I guess somehow, eventhough our eyes rarely meet, our hearts was set into a journey of discovery. And when the journey is cut off, our hearts will return back to our soul aimlessly and without purpose and holly molly! it takes a week to do so.

I am beginning to feel a lot better now. Now I know why sad people are fat. It seems that the only way to preoccupy myself is to bloody gorge myself. Take yesterday, I ate a bowl of mixed salad, half a kilo of lasagna, 9 McNuggets, 2 strawberry sundaes, 12 currypuffs and 2 packet of maggi goreng mamak. Here's a pictorial description of yesterday's gorging (all taken from the internet lah, takde keje eh tangkap gambar makanan!)



+ +

a new resolution

It is somewhat refreshing to have a new picture greeting me whenever I visit my own blog to read other people's blogs through my blogroll. To ____________________(fill in your own choice of expression)
It's time to move on.


hanyhany said...

...is inevitable
and always good, in my opinion.

i like your new banner

lifeinside said...

be steadfast in whatever you do. you know your friends will always support you and people who criticize do not necessarily hate you, they want you to change for the better. if they do not care they won't even bother to say a word.

Miss Aida said...

Sometimes the right decision isn't always easy.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

hey ..

I am new here and i found this forum really intersting , i have been keepp visiting this forum and reading since ages finally i decided to join .
hope to see some more cool stuff in the future