Cameron Highlands

Another field trip. This time it was at Cameron Highlands. All was well. There wasn't enough bed in the rented apartment we were assigned to so some people had to sleep on the floor, myself included. I think most of you have been to Cameron Highlands before as I did with my family but going there with my friends is totally different. The trip wasn't much of a trip but a bonding session, a refreshing and inspiring one I might add.

I've the hankering to run down with a sari and shriek Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Kuchi sapna harke jannnn!!!! The tea farms atmosphere were fresh from hindi movies and for a moment there I thought I will be transported to a tulip farm in Holland or a castle orchard in Ireland, with my attires changed in split seconds.

What annoyed me though is whenever all of us stepped out of the bus, the first thing most of my sudiomates will do is to take pictures of themselves and a little later more pictures of themselves. I wasn't too bothered by their strike of vainity but whenever I stride along, trying to absorb the utter beauty of Everything, there will always be people who will ask me "Afiq, tangkapkan gambar kitorang."

Get a tripod woman!

And the flowers! Beautiful work of art they are.

The bouquet of flowers I'm smelling in the picture smelled like Tom Yam soup, swear to god.

I really want to go to Cameron Highland but next time, I will be going alone and instead of visiting rose gardens and strawberry farms like a vacation schedule for pensioners, I'll go jungle trekking. That sort of thing. My life is lacking adventures these days so what the strawberry lah!


wénkt said...


hahah... i rasa i nampak u kt ladang teh yg tepi lereng bukit tu (semua ladang teh tepi lereng kan?)...kt kedai air teh segar @ rm1

yg dtg dgn 2 bus tu yg no plat 2020 tu kan?

Wan dtg dgn Waja Cansellor Hitam yg ada some guys from ur group amik gambar our car.

tapi nyersal lak tak tegur... hahaha.. later la bila aku free tak kerja, boleh kita hang out mana2.

sms 014 296 4440 wan

afiq said...

I don't want to be rude or anything but I'll pass.

I'll go out if we'll affliated professionally or socially. I know your type. I know I'll be easily lured into 'the culture'.

The point is: I know.

afiq said...

no offence

wénkt said...

hahaha... sure

semua benda yg i buat skrg, buat secara professional dan diplomatik

right? well, bila dh kerja, kita kana jadi lebih matang. sbb masa kerja byk senior, compare time blajar byk main2..

i tgh kerja pg sabtu :(