The Fantasy

I made this music video yesterday. I should include some important notes though:

1. I am currently bloated because I attended 5 chinese new year parties, which I think will explain why I look so damn fat. (alasan)

2. Beware! A lot of skin, lots and lots of fair sino-malay skin. If you think I made this video because I'm vain, well... you're entitled to your opinion. But if I were to hire a professional actor, I would ask him to do the same. Mind over reason, I'll say. It's a syok sendiri video made in 3 hours anyway. (including editing and rendering)

3. Shasha is a professional alarm clock. She wakes me up when my alarm clock goes off.

4. The song is by 30 Seconds from Mars.

5. A lot of fastforwarding because I didn't have any storyline to begin with. I listened to the song over and over again, took some videos that 'I think' will be somewhat fitting to the song and compiled them like a bologna sandwich.

6. Oh yeah, the wooden snake is said to be cursed by a bomoh in Langkawi, the primary reason why I purchased it. I always thought the snake will somehow persuade me to jump off the window. It never did.

7. Enjoy


Anonymous said...

omg... i'd never thot ur so.. ehem.. muscular. Well hiding in dat trademark baju melayu of yours.. who would've thought???

so typical of me kan? I should be writing about the video...

well... u made me super horny and that's all that matters.

-andrea c-

saya said...

hahahaha.. love ur Shasha.. give her to me!!! and and and.. moral of the story?!!!

Irzan said...

he's just bored and wants somebody to worship him, that's all.

Zulfarienty said...

Hey you. U shud make more videos. Its refreshing to see a malaysian face in western music videos. it feels so at home.

dont worry about this irzan guy above me, i read you blog every week and read his comments and i just think he's a type of guy who thinks he knows you well but he onviously dont. we've been eating lunch at the same place for three years n i could never figure u out and u errrr strange taste in clothes.

in case ur scratching ur head, its a subtle compliment. I heard u have a card business running, with all that spare cards, maybe you can contribute one dis future b'day girl!!!


afiq said...

I knew it. Well I am to be forgiven for my not-so-descent appearance but it's my life, my video and my blog. Why should I care if I want people to worship me? Maybe I do maybe I don't but you are certainly not helping either way.

hey andrea, I'd never thought u visit my blog. Centuries oledi baru mau visit. Cis...

hel farian, are we in the same lab? *looks around* ok no... thank god for that.

Shasha's so very MINE.

adam k. said...

sweet . man i like your cat hehe

Miss Aida said...

The cat is cute!

I think the video's actually quite well done, and well edited. The storyline's pretty non-existent, but like you said, compiled like a bologna sandwich. It fits the rhythm of the song.

Hafidz Baharom said...

Someone's pissed off with the!

You went to 5? I could only stomach 3. Yeah, CNY this year has been a rather festive one.

Twas a good video.

And if that was you looking fat, I envy you.

J said...

you know what. my friend saw this video at kaed lab. u uploaded it there???? heheh. anyway. kinda funny that i watched this vid thru her instead of watching it thru your blog firsthand.