The Ship

I checked statcounter every month to check my rating and how people stumble upon this yellowblackblog.


8% Susuk

10% Afiq

11% Aurat

22% Mikhail Hyder

26% Saiz melayu

Saiz melayu is the highest search that leads people into this blog! Well well... What can I say, WE MALAYSIAN MUSLIMS are deprived of sex education. I can assume that many of the search are made by teenagers or undergraduates. Since your bapak or abah or papa won't teach you about your own reproductive organ, I will.

The penis size greatly differs according to race, nutricient and genetics. In most internet websites, they will inform you that the average size is 6 inches. But let me tell you something, those bastards did their statistic in the european or american regions. I can roughly tell you that in our beloved country, penis size greatly differ because of our mixture of family heritage. Since the infiltration of various family jewels from around the world, a rich mix of shapes and sizes can be found.

The point is kids, size does not matter, or so they say.

According to Men's Health, 86% women prefers average sized penis which is in the range of 5 - 7 inches.

Trust me, there wil be a time where all men question their own libido and when that happens, they will usually blame God for their members' dimunitive length but never themselves. Never themselves. Very typical of us. Instead of eating and living healthy and live an optimal life, we blame our God-given treasure. See kids, these ungrateful idiots deserve a small member so it'll match the size of their brains.

Bak kata orang-orang tua; it's never about the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean.

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Miss Aida said...

I am loving the last sentence. So true.