Just so you know, my face was all over the kuliyyah last friday. A Personal Asistance of a lecturer took the liberty of making an A4 photocopy of my face and pasted it on the kulliyah's only elevator with a caption 'Most Wanted'.

Imagine that, me, being M0st Wanted.

I went to the office to get to the root of things and had found out that the reason why they pasted my picture was because they want me to get back my matrics card and pay a fine of RM10 for an offence I perfomed two weeks ago: wearing flip flops in a lecture theatre during lecture.

For wearing flip-flops or what we fondly call Selipar, the PA think it is suiting to paste my picture like a wanted bad-ass, yee-haw! Disgraced but composed, I played along with them, laughing at my own misfourtune. Well most people would either demand an apology with a straight face or ignore the humiliation

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