new year

It's 2007.

Today is a second day of a two day confinement session in my room, to reflect, to ponder, or in other word, to fuss over little things that I should've never cared to bother. It is a period of time where I talk to myself in a strange documentary-like accent. Standard english. My english. A language I used only when talking to girls. I'll laugh a different laugh and even sneeze a different sneeze but walk the same old walk. There is nothing different in the way I walk, or talk. Just the way I think. And today is where my thoughts are free to linger outside my head.

It is call re-sobering. To be awakened from the drunkness of mundane-nity, schedule-lity and other E.T.s that surfaced earth soon after I start living on my own. To be resurfaced from the drowning reality of my pre-defined lifestyle. So I read books. And watch meaningful documentaries and finished a whole season of Grey Anatomy, ER and Scrubs. The sighting of blood is reality and the music of creations are fantasy, intertwined in a cosmic circle of balance.

Sad. My passion for architecture is growing dimmer, distant from the crackling fire of enthusiasm these few months. Passion is love. Love is the moisture that grows life. Heat from anger and stress dry the moisture. And it stays dry until love resurface from the roots, from underneath. So when was my first love and how did I experienced it?

So this is my list of Gama-gama! Similar to ooga-ooga or nookie-pookie. Or chooka-looka. (I'm still under the influence of 're-sobering')

1. Leave this in case of no1s reshifting

2. Boycott McDonald's

3. Get a grip of McLife

4. and McWeight

5. lastly to McASmallDifference

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Hafidz Baharom said...

happy new year to you, and good luck on the activism streak.