Out you go, from the box

Do you believe in pure evil. Evil embodied by human beings, manifesting them and eating them alive, slowly but surely. Do sadists who kill, murder and torture for the sake of it exist?

Seriously, I don't think such people exist. A human being is born clean and carefree, pure and dignified and it is the parents and the surrounding that shaped it to replicate a portion of evil. Evil takes place under notions and influences. Under one-dimensioned perspective illusioned and produced by others who have perspectives of their own; perspectives that could captivate power through people to obtain ?something? to satisfy another one-dimensioned perspective.

So are men really evil. No! Satans are. If for say you'll shook your head and sighed "here we go again, another spiritual crap." I can only tell you this, ever heard of the Pandora Box. A box of hope that produced evil. Hope, the strongest emotion in mankind too, can be manisfested by satans. And being a box, an object, lifeless and still, wrongdoings are imperatively allowable. It's just a box. And when the killing starts, there'll be no indication of it.

Like a calamity that resides in a box. In the Pandora Box.



hmsb said...

nice layout :)

Here's a funny take on Pandora's Box, i read it somewhere:

Zeus the Greek god, placed 2 of his guys, A & B (cant remembr the names) on earth and ordered them to fill earth with life.

A set about and made the animals, giving them bonuses like swiftness, agility etc.

B was supposed to make man, but by the time A was done, all the skills were used up by A's animals. B felt sorry for man, and gave him the gift of fire.

When Zeus found out what B did, he was pissed and finished B off and fed his liver to the eagles.

To punish man, Zeus placed a woman named Pandora on earth, and gave her a box.

She was under strict instructions to not open the box.

Curiousity got the better of her, and she flipped the lid open.
Out came calamity, war, plagues, prejudice and all sorts of not-so-nice things.

She managed to shut the lid back before hope got out.

So that's what's left in Pandora's Box.

afiq said...

inevitably, hope will always come to rescue.

thanks for sharing the story.

Anonymous said...

U mean to say this Pandora, a lady, created havoc and screwed up the balance of peace and love on earth? No wonder all the natural disaster is named after a woman. I have to ask mama ida how she feels about this. After second thought, maybe Afiq shoud ask mama ida.If she doesn't agree, someone not so regular allowances might be reduced. Politics my dear Afiq, politics.

uncle lan

afiq said...


Disasters are named after woman because they discovered them and they too, personified disasters.

Women are known to blow up unexpectedly..

Pandora, in my interpretation, is still a box