a thing or two

I had the strangest dream last night. A dream I only wish to acknowledge its absurdity. Because the details may cause nausea. A dream that made a strong point that I indeed have an alter ego character. 'It' revealed itself at night and in the morning. I think everybody have their own alter ego but some have more character empowerment than others.

We (my roommates and I) locked the door and switched off the light when we heard a gang of tabligh was in the area. Tabligh, a group of smelly people who wears white robes who preach about Islam. A bunch of hypocrites if you ask me. Again, symbolism play its role here. White smelly ungroomed bunch of people = Islam. Give. Me. A. Break.

I remembered once when Umno complained that an education organization was luring and brainwashing kids into Pas by enforcing a dress code. Green! Umno lashed Abim's uniform decision and bluntly (almost fuc*king stupidly) decided that red should be the proper colour.



Eka said...

don't worry about it..its not absurd..i have my alter ego too..sometimes its scary coz you want to be the other 'you'..maybe our alter ego is what we can't be in the real world but we want to be like that..errr..just ignore me..sometimes i think too much..hahaha

anyway..nice blog...

afiq said...

I know its not absurd. Its not another 'you'. it's you. We have to embrace our inner-freak and make peace with it.

Do you want me to ignore you?

what's nice? Nice? Nice?

oklah, TQ.

Hafidz Baharom said...

Everyone has an alter ego, which, in my case, is an apathetic, uncaring, vengeful side...which I embrace from time to time.