Art is

Britney Spears. A victim of the US consumerism capitalism. Promiscous and emotionally confused, she is the highest ranking sex symbol in the US. A sex sybol. Or rather, a woman who dressed innapopriately to get attention from men all over the world as well as being the ideal figure for teenage girls. In other word, she is a stripper and an Idol. A primadona. A media prostitute.

And we have our shares of Britneys in Malaysia too. I may be blunt or even biased but really, wake up! The word sexual have been replaced by elegance. Lecherous replaced by delicate. It is a large scale manipulation of perception.

Right. Sex is never a taboo, I mean seriously. Sex is beautiful. Sexy is beautiful. But when sex and sexy are to be feasted upon million of eyes, it could (or might) (or maybe) hint perverse. I could? You must be kidding. It is dirty, if not menacing.

Beauty had been corrupted by large scale capitalism. It is now only enjoyed by the rich and famous. By the corrupted and corruptee. And praised by the lower class community. Like Gods. Coolies would die to kiss a Bollywood star bossom. Die in vain, in lust.
The true beauty of music had begun its perishing. Music now represents obscurity and booty calls. It shakes, slides and slurps. Like a dancing snake. Poetry beats and scower over grey skies. Rythm travels through curves of an ebony. Art is shakened to its core and spewed out like rotten bananas, to be licked by the public.

Real art are too expensive to be experienced by the rakyat. As our culture grew dimmer by every flicker of the television, so is our life. And what a waste it'll be to have it rested in a pool of lies.

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