aci aci buka pintu

***** *** ka-ching***ka-ching****ka-ching*****

Okay people I'm enlightened! I'm enlightened. Pass me no staff for I am no priest. Wield me no sword for I am no knight. Gimme the acar for I am officially a Bollywood fan.

What can I say. They make better movies. Way better. The new lots of them of course. If you're a homemaker whose life revolves around the idiot box, the sequents of Kuch Kuch Something Hey may still be your comfort pill. But for the rest of Malaysians, be a sport and tengoklah cerita Bollywhood. Read the reviews before watching them. And make sure AR Rahman is the musician for the movie.
Having a blue-blooded Indian roommate has its advantages. Every Sunday, he'll buy me full set of Pure Nasi Kandar from Masjid India. And for the past year, he had been giving me countless movie reviews and so I started watching Tamil/Hindi movies lah, only to be(insert indian accent) capticated.

It's worth the eyeballings of Indian folks chanting something I think means "Maybe he's lost." I didn't have to use the term 'chant'.I'll count to ten for all of you to stop looking at me:





Ajami Hashim said...

fyi, my last hindi was Mohabbateen.. lepas tu, ntah, aku just stop! full stop.

afiq said...

tak tanya pun