good heavens

What is up in heaven? I read a a book about heaven a few years ago and it pictured heaven as a palace surrounded by cotton clouds and gates made of pearls. A courtyard with 4 streams; water, wine, honey and milk. A golden portia surrounded by the richness of magical beings.
I seriously doubt I'm going to like 'that' heaven. Too cheesy..
Is it possible that heaven is a memory I would like to hang on to for infinity. Like pro-wresling with my siblings in our own hotel room. Or sunbathing while watching orangputeh skinny dipping. Or, I don't know, watch tonnes of animes in my bedroom.
A conversation I had with a few studiomates:
afiq: The most important feature in a pen is the size of the body, the bigger the better.
someone: No lah, smaller pen are easier to manuever.
afiq: But bigger pen is more comfortable and not grasping the whole thing lessen the hand pressure
someone else: No, no, no, it's no howw big it is, it's how you use it!
Somehow, her statement made us laugh out loud.

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