bloggers beware...

Beware. As for now, freedom of blogging had been unofficially impeded . Unofficially lah. But in the real world, in the Malaysian world, unofficiality is an official implication. I know you know that I know that getting in Universities is much more possible if one's father is an ex-classmate of an education ministry officer. Such cases are unofficial of course, but official in its effects.
It is also official that I had my first motorcyle ride around KL past midnight. Man oh man, the amount of whores lurking behind pissed-at columns are stark amusing. Trans, chinks and the heavy-dirty-nasty type. This coming out of a naive guy is a tad overrated but the experience was surreal (the motorcycle bit lah). I even made a 3 minutes video on it for my children. "This is Abah during his first serious bike ride..." *imagine me showing my newborn the videoclip via PDA*I pusing-pusing around UIA and found out that there's an infamous fishing spot where there were NO FISHING signs everywhere. Most of the fishermen are Indons. There's even an illegal settlement beside the tasik. It's official, the UIA developer has a financial crisis.

So that's that. I'm planning to catch a movie tomorrow with Azim. And nak naik that kick-ass ferris wheel!!

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