Defying cosmic conditioning?

The Benefits of Praying; an Afiq observation.

Yeah sure, Muslims believes in Fate (Qada' and Qadar) but that is no excuse to be totally oblivious to the mechanics of Fate. There is of course, two kind of fates: a kind we could never change like the proceeding of deaths and the more flexible kind that revolves around everything else.

Astrology is something most Muslims considered Syirik or in simpler terms: deviant or misguided. But it is a fact that astrology is derived from the cosmic order of the Universe. The sun, the moon and the stars that litters our skies are actually contributing to our everchanging behaviours. The gravity of those objects subconsciously control our emotions and habits, and sometimes decisions.

Does is it occur you as weird when you read yesterday's horoscope and realized it was partially true? Satan's doings? Haha, ignorant slabs of meat! Those predictions are based on the pattern of Stars. The orbital pattern frictioned reactions that affects our mental affliction of logic.

The Chinese, who had continued doing research on the pattern of the universe predicted businesses and family matters because they are bound to it. It is not a conditioning where a piece of information is processed into behaviors that leads to pre-conceived results but rather the tendency of following traits that made the results possible.

We pray mainly because it is our prime responsibility to do so but do you know that by praying, a human being could actually alter the receptance of the cosmic gravitational effects. When a human being's minds are focused during certain period of time, it could strengthen the intermediate response of achievements and therefore, the brain will automatically ignore the cosmic effects for a while. This enable people to change their fate, by defying the cosmic conditioning.

The Maghrib prayer, for say, can only be done during sunset because our self-entity or soul are conjured by the gravitational force of the sun, leaving most of our body vulnerable to alien entities like satans or jinns. By praying, one will strengthen his/her own mental gravity and resist the pulling of the sun's gravity. In effect, it will reduce unwanted action/sins for the rest of the night.

Same goes during Subuh, the compression of force supplied by the sun will pour out the natural aura of the body, making the our self-entity/ soul to glow and flow out from the body. This phenomena will increase positivity of our surrounding, making ourselves more capable of communicating with other people effectively.

Tahajjud, the Sunnat prayer that should be done at night after a few hours of sleep, is one of the best ways to change one's fate. As the proceeding of the cosmic order can succesfully be 'programmed' into people who are under rest, the existence of self-gravity will reduce the effects greatly and contributes to later success.

Like I've mentioned before, Islam is not a mythical religion, just a religion we have yet to understand. But then again, those are just theories cooked up by a nineteen year old....


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ay.... I am especially notable to be comical at times. Its good seeing you too..

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May the force be with you

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