swayed by whim?

Tentalized by her beauty? Mesmerized by her never-ending legs? Her slim figure? I've been taught in a agama school a decade before that if we have the opportunity to see women's aurah accidentally, it will be considered as Rezeki but if we decided to look twice, consequently, it will be considered as Dosa. In this case, ironically, we men do no need such limitation to set eyes on this beauty.
Prefferably dressed up as a full-fledged model, the woman you look upon is no uneducated drag. She has a degree in Human Science in a respectable university and had ventured across the world to promote her beauty. Her efforts were paid generously, having won numerous pageant competitions in Malaysia and Thailand. She is, in many ways, setting up a wave of challenge to everybody else with comparable beauty and talents.

Whether she is dressed up as a slutty geisha or a water-thirsty traveller, she had set up a pretty unreachable status as a showgirl with brains and looks. As mentioned, we men do not have a limitation when we feast our eyes on her. Mainly because she is not a woman. She's (I mean he's) a Man!

This is Che Fi. Che Fi is a name he adopted when he consorted the tranvestite culture and later on developed herself into a replica of unrivalled beauty. A lot of hormone pills I assume. He recently graduated from the International Islamic University in Human Sciences.

I was also told that a few newspapers and numerous F-Grade magazines had probed interest in reporting his winnings. Others were more than willing to bash and humiliate his choice of profession. But none of them succeeded because the IIUM administration had blocked their efforts and had tried to have his special talents kept under their wings of secrecy. It was also told that Che Fi was even banned from attending the annual convocation even though he had all the rights to attend the one in a life time acknowledgement event.

Is covering up the best option to treat this sort of evil? Oh yes.. In this university, it is a taboo to touch on gay and tranvestite issues. And cases like this are often unoficially stamped -EVIL- and simply ignored. Sure, human right plays a role in this education organization and Che Fi has all the right to do whatever he wants within or outside the parameter of the university.

Human rights? Does that mean I can wear shorts and keep a tochang? Can I smoke too? Like other universities, IIUM have rules and regulation and it was clearly stated that students are required to respect and oblidge rules governed by the university at ALL TIMES. At all times.

Even though this problem may not be fancy enough to gather scholars to solve it humanely, the enigma of transvestism may be accepted my many curious young adults in the future and by then, a dogma will be cultivated. A dogma of cross-dressing male students, strutting their muscular bottoms and toned arms. A dogma that may attract other male students as well as beckoning as the subject of envy by enforced tudung-wearers.
Truly, she has underlings under her supervision within the university and if that is unworthy of your attention, maybe this will change your mind:
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Hafidz Baharom said...

He's beautiful, no one can argue that point.

I honestly think that homophobia should be considered a crime.

People should be free to act the way they are.

afiq said...

homophobia is not the problem. Its tranvetism. Homophobia is something personal and should be dealt with interpersonally.

The way they act is, at some point, is also not the problem. The problem is the public's reaction. Being alienated from rules is just not bloody fair!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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