Exam Mode

Afiq Deen is currently undergoing a strict exam season regime from Monday to Thursday. He will limit his daily activities to

  1. Studying
  2. Eating healthy
  3. Working out
  4. Watching Celebrity Apprentice

So he could

  1. Pass his exams
  2. Lose his Raya excess weight
  3. Gain some mass
  4. Get inspired to be Someone

Till then peeps!


saya said...

you look good

SleepingBeauty said...

Good luck for the exam!

Afiq Deen said...

I hate exams. Thanks though for the wish.

alia said...

goodluck ya. semua org pun hate final exams.

Danny said...

all the best....

farahrozhan said...

Ah, celebrity apprentice. Gene Simmons is incomprehensible, no?

Afiq Deen said...

no he's not. I love him. He's awesome with a capital F.