Wat Er F all

I went to Sungai Pisang hidden waterfall with friends yesterday. I wanted to blog about it yesterday but I found it difficult to describe something that totally pulls out the reality that binds my sense of relativity. I guess that's why people write and read poems because there are some experience that's best described by granting plausible voids.

Frog infested tunnels, impossible steps, riverbends with pulling current, spiked shrubs and prickly highway heat.

Moist frog skin, reaching leeches, crumbling rocks, the journey teach us.

Washing sounds, chirping birds, nesting bees, the destination meet us.

Sheltered sky, raining leafs, climbing branches, the wind heave us.

Icy water, slippery rocks, clean sand, tranquil current, nature's pieces.

Climbing peaks, hesitating, "death is in God's hands"

Resting fate on the mercy of gravity, holding breath, clasping palms.

Gasping for air, air, air, red stinging palms.

Higher peaks, higher, higher, even redder palms,

"Cukuplah tu Afiq! Ko budget ko ni Tarzan ke hape?"

"Tinggi-tinggi sangat ni ko ni baik bawak mengucap!"

shouts a friend from below.

"I don't care." Afiq adopts an Indian accent.

Another drop of destiny, stinging palms, red palms.

The journey back, whizzing traffic, smiling bus drivers, waving japanese tourists.

"We were young once." they beam and smile and wave.

And reminisce.


Qarl said...

lookin forward to go somewhere la cm tmpt waterfall nih.. mr.tarzan!

my final exam juz over!

wish me luck! haha

Qaisy Jaslenda said...

planning to go to Sg Gabai this this coming Monday. nak release tension lepas exam. jom! haha

kat mana Sg Pisang nih?

Diran said...

that didnt make sense at all.....bt then again..its urz...


I went camping with friends at sungai pisang when I was still in uni. Geng lelaki & pompuan kaki camping masa UIA, PJ Sek 17.

Parked our cars at the Asia Overland Resort (last stop of the /mimaland gombak road (wonder if the resort is still there?) and walked thru the water tunnel under the Karak Highway to get to the other side. and walked a few hundred metres up the highway toward the direction of genting highlands.

This was in circa 1991.

What is it like now. Dulu banyak giler pacat...

Afiq Deen said...

Well go for it!

It's over!

Good luck!

*wipes off smirk*

Where is this Sungai Gabai? Ni ajak-ajak kucing nih.. bukan nak ajak betul pun. Macam bila makan depan orang pastu offer "makan, makan." padahal bukan nk share. Sungai Gabai ni kat area Gombak dekat Karak Highway.

The poem is too sophisticated for the likes of you to understand.

I think it's the same place. And resort tu dah takde. Sekarang less pacat, more maksiat. : )

Qaisy Jaslenda said...

haha.. seriusly tak.
It'll be fun jugak kalau boleh join.
we will be there around 10am, this monday. zohor balik. ajak your friends sekali. (promote cuti2 malaysia)

dekat area Sg Congkak tapi waterfall die better!


Afiq Deen said...

aish. segan la plak join muda mudi mandi sungai~

Heheh. But I have deep respect for MRSM students. But I dont have any Jasin MRSM friends though (except Imran Fuad- Qaisy kenal ke?) kalau ramai mrsm jasin friends boleh la join, tak awkward.