8 Things You Might Not Know

Ye, Afiq mengaku, dua tiga hari ni dipenuhi aktiviti bermain Guitar Hero. Tahap medium sahaja. Tak mampu lebih dari itu. Ada lah sikit-sikit main drums Guitar Hero tapi tahap easy. Kalau vocal jangan cakaplah, lagu Beat It Michael Jackson memang berjaya dibalun, sekali dengan Hee Hee Huu Huu high pitchnya.Tagged. I'm it.

1. When it comes to making fun of myself, I'm on top of my game. It is something that makes Afiq you know, Afiq.When we play BB guns, I'll summon the Kampung gal in me, Timah to make an appearance and tumbuk the belacan sehingga lumat. It's daunting, foolish and downright ridiculous but it is necessary to make the moment in time memorable.
2. Exposed to swimming pools, rivers and oceans since I can remember, I'm a natural when it comes to swimming or diving.
I have a relatively large lungs and I can dive across an olympic size swimming pool with one only one breath. I can do some frieky gymnastic moves underwater, something that I can never do on the ground.

3. I'm a considerably good cook. No joke. I can cook conventional dishes like curry and kurma, weird conceptual dishes like breanner (breakfast for dinner), basic italian dishes like pasta carbonara, aglio olio and lasagna and a line of self invented dishes.

4. I write in cursive. I can only write in cursive. Period. Puan Marina, my BM teacher forced us to write in cursive and after doing so for three years, I just forgot how to single out every letter from its word.

5. I spent most of my TV time watching either BBC, AlJazeera or E Entertainment. I don't usually watch anything else unless Project Runaway, Design 360 or Globe Trekker is on.

6. Some people think I have a bipolar disoder when they caught me with different groups of people. I can either be reserve and stuck up or weird, vulnerable and annoying. I don't have a disoder. I just have two different personalities that I can turn on or off depending on how advantageous it can turn out to be. I also have additional personalities like Salesman Afiq, Poetic Afiq and Critical Afiq.
Biasalah, budak Gemini.

7. I'm the fairest among my brothers. Even though we are real brothers (adik beradik kandung) people can find it difficult to comprehend our differences.

Afiq and Saiful
Afiq and Hadi
Afiq and Putra

8. Nothing happened between me and Haikal. Seriously. Nothing. Until this day, I still think his vanity is a huge barrier for our friendship to really work.

But he's a good friend. A friend I can never quite understand but hey I've plenty more friends to get by.

: )


espree said...

u sure nothing happened between you & haikal?


Aaaaah! a very much younger me!! Patutlah aku rasa aku boleh nak relate kat blog nih!!! BTW aku pun Gemini jugak...

lubnaaa said...

So this is kinda not relevant, tapi Putra comel. :)

Afiq Deen said...

How can I be anymore sure?

You must have been the tenth person who told me so, that I'm a younger version of you. Believe it or not, punyalah ramai org cakap the same thing. Which a tad bit scary because I don't want to grow up to be any of those people. Hahaha.

Putra is 6 years old. Masih very cute.


Hahaha! don't be anyone you don't want to be but:

1. I have an alter ego. It surfaces at the most in oppurtune times. He is not a pleasant fellow.

2. Had to swim early my dad was freakin afraid of crashing planes we travelled a lot. (he was a diplomat.

3. I have been the family cook ever since my mom fired the servant when I was in form 3. I started cooking in standard two when we were living in Indonesia. I have 2 food blogs.

4. I write in Indonesian cursive. But I have horrible handwriting coz my mum converted me from left to write handed when I was very young.. ie before kindergaten. (I am therefore ambidextrous when I don't realise it.

5. I am glued to discovery, TVIQ, Nat Geog, Disc Sci, Hist, Animal Planet, AFC, 707, 711, ETV in that order. I surf. Nobody can watch when I do or suffer deep migrane as I surf. I watch 4 or 5 channels simultaneoulsy..

6. You have already caught me at being Ustaz Ritz, Photographer Ritz, Artist Ritz, Lawyer Ritz, Chef Ritz, and, Clubber Ritz... I do each very hard.

7. I am fair, but lately swimming daily does not help. But I still have a fair butt to pprove it.

8. sigh!! nevermind... only if we meet personally... but I doubt it..

thanks for letting me draft my next blog on your comments.

-one- said...

ahahha!..nice to know.. you're actually quite common lah kan. Most of us are. Most people can do what you do also, like me!...hehe.... i felt the same way... but now i realized in life its not what you can do, but more or less who can do it better...


Afiq Deen said...

That (who can do better) or those who create irreplicable standard of doing things.

I strive to be the latter.

ain said...

tu gmbr ble?
afiq nmpk gmok la....ops, chubby kot..hahah

Afiq Deen said...

Afiq the Deflatable.


My weight varies from 60 to 80 kg each year


Unfortunately , maybe, I am not as competitive, and, I am inflatable, but unfortunately it does not work conversely.

So we are different after all.

Alamak! where is that Kevin Zahri Blog...

-one- said...

"Deflatable"...hehehe ...i like that term... never heard its used for weight.

farahrozhan said...

That setting looks oddly familiar; USM mama pool?

nab said...

i love aglio olio!!
it s sooo easy to be prepared n budget friendly! the essential is just to use good qualitiy cloves of garlic.