Turkey for Thanksgiving

What????? (Me with Nael and Nisa)

I know right. Afiq celebrating Thanksgiving after his lengthy blog entry on Halloween?

It wasn't my idea. My cousin suggested it and bought a turkey yesterday. What was I to do than to help her prepare and bake the turkey.

Smoulder cavities with salt and pepper, it reads. Mimicking a soft spoken chef, "Ya puan-puan, kita ramas-ramaskan ketiak kakun. Selepas itu ya puan-puan, kita ramas-ramaskan celah-celap paha dengan garam..." I turned the turkey breast first, smoulder melted butter and gave it a soothing massage.

If it weren't for the absence of surgical robes, masks and caps and the fact that the operation was done in a kitchen, we could've been mistaken as sergeons. "Kak Seri, bawakan stuffing." I examined the turkey's asshole by poking it with a wooden spoon to determine its diameter. "Okay, she's ready for her first and final penetration."

I suggested that we insert the stuffing through the asshole. Kak Seri retorted "Ish, mana boleh dong!". "Are you sure it's through the back?" Diyana checked the printed recipe and instruction we got from howto.com. I grabbed a handful and shove it through the turkey's asshole anyway. "Whoa, Afiq is getting turned on!" Hariz appeared out of nowhere with his videocam. "Oh yeah, you like it that way, don't you Afiq." I took my hand out from the turkey and sucked the remaining filling from it. Everything mundane needs a Wow factor when it is caught on video.

We'll make sure everyone eats the turkey first before we show them the video on how we prepared it. You know, just in case.

Fiver hours later....

Even though it was the first time we ever cooked a turkey, it was (do it like Jack Black in Nacho Libre) Fantastic!

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tunjuklah gamba ayam gobble gobble nyer


tunjuklah gamba ayam gobble gobble nyer

Dammit said...

eh dah ade gambar? Seriously nampak sedap. dan aku dapat bayangkan cara jack black cakap. haha

farahrozhan said...

You... manhandled a turkey corpse!