Dasar Pandang Timur

Since the holidays are coming, I'm thinking of letting my hair grow a little bit longer than the usual one sided fringe. I'm thinking long wavy sideburns that slightly covers my ears. I'm thinking lingering fringe.

I'm thinking of going Korean!

I know some people tried the hairstyle only to look like an Indie music enthusiast or a minimalist artist lookalike but I'm sure I can pull it off. I mean look at the plus side, I'll get make my rather oblong head rounder and act korean and shit. I can even melatah like one. Instead of "Opocot mak engko" I'll go "Park paryo sumida"

And instead of going "Fuckity fuck fuck fuck" when I get frustrated, I can opt a simple "Aaieeeeesh, Aaieeess -yo". I can even speak english like a korean. "Oh my Goood, theez iz greaoyt!"

When I'm broke I can eat maggi but tell people I eat Ramyon. Or I can find a girlfriend by acting cool in front of a high end cafe and wait for an unsuspecting clumsy but cute korean girl to accidentally bump onto me.

An yoh hashimni kah, chay rahmun Afiq Deen-Yo


Qarl said...


good luck dude!

hac01 said...

hehe..bukan cemtu lar afiq...

salah gune form tuh.. imnika/imnida untuk formal... Yo form untuk tak formal

kalau nak gune formal u should say like this

annyong hashimnika.Jae iremen Afiqimnida.Panggab semnida :D