Yoga Haram

I read a letter sent by a muslim yoga practitioner that was published by NST yesterday. It goes like this:

I have to admit that I loved yoga. When I first learned that a fatwa would be issued regarding yoga, I was furious. I began debating with my family, telling them that yoga had nothing to do with religion and the only goal was good health.

I said the National Fatwa Council members were not people who had ever done yoga and they have in no postion to judge what yoga is.

Fortunately, I am still a faithful muslim and when a fatwa was announced, I quickly complied with the new ruling. However, I did a simple Wikipedia search on yoga and pilates. This was the first time I did any research on the word. I was defending yoga with no real knowledge and basis of what yoga really is.

After a mere 10 minutes, I was shocked by what I discovered. The goal of yoga is definitely agaisnt all Islamic teaching and values. I urge yoga lovers to look into these articles. I also learnt that yoga has been banned in several churches in Britain as being un-Christian.

Even though I was practising yoga purely for health reasons, I was blinded by the meditation and relaxation techniques actually stand for. As a former yoga enthusiast, I humbly admit that what the National Fatwa Council proposed is undoubtedly the right thing to do. We should be thankful that such fatwa came at this time when we are still faithful to Islam.

The ban on yoga isn't the end of the world. There are many exercises out there. And I wouldn't trade my faith for any exercise routine, ever.

Munirah Muhammad
Johor Baru


syima said...

ive been reading various comments against this ruling, now it's definitely refreshing to read this one. Haaaihh nafas baru! hembuuuuss

Anonymous said...

Good for you buddy. If you want to trade meditative and peaceful techniques for ideology, more strength to you. Here's hoping you find something equally calming.

shamel said...

emm..solat 5 times daily is already a perfect exercise to unwind self. Wonder why should there be any other option to Muslims. Hmm~

JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam dari Dublin.. saje2 je ziarah sini jap.. rajin2, meh laa jenguk2 my blog.. :)

AkuKopiKauSiapa? said...

buat baru la..
kire takde bace2 mantera..
tapi gune pergerakan yang sama..
sbb aku tgk berita ckp haram sbb guna mantera kan?

SleepingBeauty said...

The term yoga used in many yoga classes and gyms is a description of a form of physical movements and positions which improves your blood circulations and stretches muscles in the body. Nothing more. (from my experience of attending these classes)

Having said that, the fatwa counsil defined yoga as physical movement along WITH chanting and worshipping.

I personally don't see anything wrong if gyms continue running classes on "physical movements and positions which does improve your blood circulations and stretches muscles in the body" with a different name so it wouldn't be mistaken for "worshipping of another god" or "deviating from the religion". (desh is right, re-branding babeh.. ;p )

Plus not all "yoga" movements are relaxing. There are some cardiovascular effective classes which combines certain poses with western aerobic movements. And when you're attending this classes, the last thing you'll think about is anything to do with any religion. It's like ~ cepatla habis! My muscles ache and my heart's gonna pop out of my body! haha!