Kek Cawan

A few months back when everyone (who eats carb irresponsibly) (as if I don't) was crazy about cupcakes, I was one those people who will show my discontent by provoking my friends who joined in the craze by asking them "Ada apa dengan cupcakes?"

"It's a cup in a cake. It's more mobile than your usual cake."
"But the hype is overwhelming. It doesn't make sense! Satu lagi, people are crazy about the decoration than the taste."

"Like your design lah, you're always more concerned about the aesthetics."


It's true. The only thing I like about cupcakes is the creativity that comes with it, especially when it serves as a form of expression.

I'm calling this cupcake of mine Kecewa


" L" said...

Wuuuuuu..what a colourful world..just like in a fairy tale of "Hansel & Gretel"..:P

For those who are diabetic..I guess they'll have a temporary loss of consciousness after eating, I'm just kiddin'.

Hmmm..I like Kecewa cupcake's cute..hehe..but it must have meant something to u, right? kesiannya.. :(

Dammit said...

aku pun tak faham apsal orang sibuk2 dgn cupcakes. More to trend kot? It's just a cake in a cup. Tapi bila tengok pic yg last tu, it's more than just a cake. haha

farahrozhan said...

Cup in a cake? Cake in a cup? .___.

Afiq Deen said...

yeah, ia ekspresi kekecewaan

StuPiD. CuPiD said...

Can I order cupcake Kecewa???

SleepingBeauty said...

I hate cupcakes that just look fancy but taste ordinary.

Having said that, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE "Fatal Attraction" from Cupcake Chic. Its a chocolate lover's taste of paradise. For real! It may look plain brown with no colors or glitters or those tiny pearls but but but... it taste.... *drools* :D

Afiq Deen said...

Aha... sounds fatal~

Fzee said...

kecewa? nice one!

Amber Jimenez said...

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