Will I? Will You? Will It? Will They?

I don't see how criticizing politicians will stir racial disunity. Will I cause a racial riot when I tell you guys that:

Pak Lah is an Spineless Sleepy Asshole.

Will it be considered a sedition? Or a national threat? How about:

Najib is a Lump of Deep Sea Shit or

Anwar is a manipulative two-faced Bugger

Will the ISA arrest me for issuing a personal opinion of a politician? Will IIUM issue me an expulsion letter for criticizing the TPM. How about:

Lim Kit Siang is a Vengeful Dickhead

Will I be considered a racist and put into jail for causing instability of a multi-racial country? Do I have back my insults with proofs?

When Paklah tells people to COOL IT! will I be condemned by the current government by responding his call to 'put a lid on issues' by telling him to


Hariz and I conclude that racists Malaysians are those who feels offended when racist jokes are thrown to them. So that means that if I tell you that:

Malays are lazy

Chinese are cheaters

Indian are liars

you'll be damned as racist if you feel offended by my stereotyping.

Sendiri Fikirlah!



May I remind you that all said can be LIBELOUS?

Hafidz Baharom said...

Don't actually agree with ritz, but if you ever become a high enough profile blogger, government will charge you with sedition.

Oddly enough, don't think you're even on the radar....hmm...

A. said...


A. said...

with 'Malays are lazy, Chinese are cheaters, Indian are liars' I mean


Well I didn't say that this blog doesn't make for fun reading... keep it up...!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

don't u feel scared???
nak jadi cam rj petra ke???
u yg spatutnye THINK bout that...

Deeds said...

actually, the ISA might be knocking at your door any second now....