Mission Possible: Alamak!


TRANSLATION: bukak puasa free and duit belanja

PLAN1: Call Bapak
Called Bapak, dengan malu-malu kucing told him how I've to spend extra money to accomodate Ramadhan. He simply answered "Biasa la bang.." PLAN1 FAIL

PLAN2: Ask for Advance
I delivered the samples already but my client is not around to pay me the advance. I cannot appear desperate and demand for an advance because it is not convenient for her to do so since she's busy working. PLAN2 FAIL

PLAN3: Borrow Money from Friends
All my peers (of similar economic standing) are having difficulty coping with this month. They have to buy their baju melayu, bus/train tickets etc. Food is also more expensive this holy month. That's why my roommates and I consume Quaker Oats for Sahur for the whole month. It's fuss-free and cheap. It's also nausea-inducing and cheap. Did I mention that it's cheap? PLAN3 FAIL

PLAN4: Extract Savings
After giving it much thought, taking out money from my savings will subsequently make it a habit. I need my savings for my future undertakings. PLAN4 FAIL
PLAN5 will commence shortly...


myadlan said...

Why you spend a lot eh? Why don't try buka puasa at mosque..

I remembered someone told me that, its not a good practice to ask for advance from your client. Then it will show's your weakness in managing your finance. I wonder how about your Carrefour temp thingy?

Alone said...

uhu. a lot of plans - like me T_T

hope ur next plan succeed.

Afiq Deen said...

Sangkut sekejap... payment, cash prize & etc tak masuk lagi. Carrefour is a last resort.

Hafidz Baharom said...

Awwww....call me up. We go berbuka. My treat.

Danny said...

Everything happens for reasons
Keep the hold firmed....

Hafidz Baharom said...

You could always berbuka puasa at a mosque, you know. They do give out food.

And you're skinny enough to pass as a malnourished college boy, so they should care enough to give you food...