(Sahur is my favourite time of the day during Ramadhan. After eating a bowl of oats and drinking a mug of hot milo, I will nuzzle my pillows and bury myself into the cotton burrow I made by swirling the comforter. Sweet sweet contentment.)

No no. I'm not offended. I'm not even angry. It's the internet for God's sake. We all love the internet, don't we? I can say what I want and you can say what you want under the cloak of anonymity. Is that how the freedom of internet works? I mean if the internet is so free, I shouldn't be bothered by anonymity, no?
Take this entry for example from Locengwangsa, attacking and insulting candidates under the name anonymous is a normal practice. I mean who in the right mind have the guts to character assasinate other people and still be accountable for it?
But in the light of Islam, throwing insults without being accountable for it is considered an act of fitnah, a sin that is as deadly as murder. Even if one is confident with the information one has, accountability is vital to provide a constructive and productive atmosphere for intellectual discourses.
I mean just look at how fellow politicians in Wangsa Maju, even with the knowledge that Wangsa Maju is no more an UMNO district is attacking one another as anonymouses. I find this pathetic, sad and embarrassing. I think they got their priorities wrong. I mean, just read the UMNO song lyric:
Berjasa Pada Bangsa
Agama Dan Negara
Bangsa then Agama and Negara. So upholding the interest of the Bangsa is a priority then? If this is so, character assasination can be justified. Malays in the past are champions when it comes to character assasination. Remember the story of Hang Nadim? Not only that he was wrongly accused of conspiring, he was also killed based on assumptions. We malays love drama, as long as it doesn't involve us. That's why when entering a subject of negative speculation, most malays prefer to be unknown and unaccountable even if their collective speculations will eventually bring disastrous results.
This is why I think to be good muslims, we have to disassociate ourselves from negative malay behaviours, one of them being the tendency to 'throw stones from a steep cliff'.
Yes yes, no one from below the cliff will know who threw the stones but they will know for a fact that the culprit is on the steep cliff. So off they go as a mob to punish the stone throwing culprit and guess what happened after this turn of events? The steep cliff couldn't hold the mob's load so the culprit, together with the mob fell to the ground where the stones are. Whether they die or not is really up to you. I mean the bigger the stones thrown or the higher the cliff is, the more disastrous the fall will be.


myadlan said...

yeah.. be a good muslim.. don't be anonymous. its cool what..

eh.. eating sahur all alone a?

shamel said...

100% agree..*#** with anonymous. there's this guy wif a nick 'guest' in the shoutbox of my class' blog ( accusing our class rep. which is well-known with his very-dedicated-like-hell personality.

Then the 'guest' senyap! teruk kan?

mgiL said...

islam isnt muslims, and muslims definitely arent islam.

thats what i told my non muslim frens anyway...

Afiq Deen said...

Well, that wont do any good will i? contradicting Muslims with Islam. Muslims like us will have to live up to Islam because it will serve as a dakwah.

Kalau dia bising tak kisah sangat. Tapi dekat negara ni org percaya sangat dgn rumours and bila berganding dengan restriction of media, mulalah orang ambil kesempatan. Kutuk dan Lari.

Kutuk dan Lari

maddieness said...

you left me a birthday wish a while back. i know it's been a month plus since, but thanks!

and yes. you're right about having to own up and being accountable for ones words/actions. i mean, even if a person is trying to hide something, all will still be exposed on judgment day.

surely if a muslim believes in the hereafter and that every single one of his deeds, be it good or bad, is being witnessed and shall be questioned on regardless of it's earthly justification (as a muslim must - percaya kepada hari akhirat) then keeping things clean and drama-free in effort to become a better muslim would be simple logic don't you think?

thanks again for the birthday wish (although I never quite got what you meant with the whole nenek cucu kahwin with the mamat next door ramblings) :)

Hafidz Baharom said...

I've never had a problem with the religion in it's entirety.

It's usually the enforcers of the supposed religious law, who haven't a clue on compassion and not even the slightest cognizance of kindness towards the fellow man that I have a problem with.