Teresa Kok is Kolektra

I heard somebody used pyrokinesis on Kolektra. Not only is she a symbol of BolehLand's 'striving democracy', she's now a wanted hero.

Remember her unofficial debut? She was the one who 'exposed' a 'chinese national' who had to squat in a prison cell. Malaysia suffered bad press and after a few weeks of slight tension between Malaysia and China, we finally found out that the woman is actually malay and the squatting is a normal police procedure. Instead of inquiring the case to the police discreetly, she made it into a media frenzy.

Base on this and how she did not make any effort to apologize for causing the hullabaloo, it was decided that she is merely a nuiscance.

Recently, the government gave this nuisance her power back, a far greater power. After a week of transformation, she came out a hero. Upon her release, Kolektra complained of the food given to her during her imprisonment. She told everybody how the food was 'close to dog food'. As predicted, the government jumped to its feet and investigate the issue.

How laughable. Dog Food! Kolektra seriously need to visit rural kampungs. Only then will she realize that poverty had forced many folks to eat 'dog food' once a day every friekin' day.


syahiransukardi said...

mula2 kata "like a dog food".pastu kata media putar belit konon2 dia just kata "similar to dog food".bila tv3 tayang balik,baru nak ngaku.dia lupa ke org sume dok record ape yg dia cakap.sigh.

myadlan said...

yea.. what the hell la dis teresa.. i hate her. just a small matter about the so called dog food.

ni orang tak reti bersyukur ni. baik sumbat je dlm ISA.. serve her right!

Afiq Deen said...

Tapi dia kononnya hero yg menentang kerajaan yg zalim. Macam anwar ibrahim. Kerajaan pun sepatutnye pressure dia utk buat keterangan dia sendiri. Bila kene tangkat, terus org dah tak tertanya-tanya whether or not dia bersalah atau tidak.

Betul BN ada spin doctors tapi PR pun ada spin doctors dorang sendiri.

Tapi baru2 ni kes GRO yang disedekah takes the cake. Hebat betol ahli PKR!

lifeinside said...

i fucking hate her like crazy, this whining bitch. feel like slapping her face good.

lifeinsideout said...


I would vote for her every election if she does have a body like that.

Oh, and dress like that too.

Khairy said...

siapa dapat kontrak bekal makanan ke Kamunting agaknya, hehehe