They Don't Really Care About Us

What can we learn from this very fucked up chronology? Simple, really. The government doesn't care. The government wants you reduce your daily expenditures to cope with rising costs. The governments wants you to opt for public transportation like LRTs. Around the same time, the government approved the use of Kompressor Mercedes for Terengganu Excos.
And now even the LRT is not safe. The government will claim that this is an isolated case and force a revamp in overall maintenance of public transportation, the usual action-reaction attitude the government had opted for decades, despite spending billions to educate government servants overseas.
In a nutshell, the government is not aspired towards the vision 2020 aim. It had become complacent and dislocated itself from the core interest of Malaysians. They. Don't. Really. Care. About. Us.

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mgiL said...

it's obvious that everybody stopped complaining about it...