Ketupat & Lemang

AifilFitri for me is a commemoration of the past and an appreciation of the present. AidilFitri is a time a loop where Lemangs and Ketupats waited on the table after Solat Raya. It's the repetition of this delicacy that made me remember the very core of eternal love in the solid midst of morbid mortality.

A few years from now (if I'm still blessed with life) the knowledge of having Ketupats and Lemangs on the first day of Syawal will bring me back to this very thought. The thought of being loved no matter the circumstances and how priviledged I am for being able to live my life to an extent that can only be defined by myself. For the gift of being the measure of myself, thank you Umi. Thank you Bapak.

I would like to do my reminiscing now before the devilish spirit of Raya floods the true meaning of Syawal. Because when Raya arrive, so will the usual entourage of satans, returning from their ski trips and coastal chalets.


shamel said...

I wanna wish.
A wish of Selamat HAri Raya.
For u & ur family.

Maaf Zahir Batin (is this necessary??). hehe.

Afiq Deen said...

Selamat Hari RAYA!!!!