why, why, why

A blunder... this afiq guy.. he woke up at 12 in the afternoon, lingered in his room aimlessly, read a bit of lime and starts mocking away. madba: he's really thinking too much that every little detail of flaws intrigued this rotten rambutan. He looked at the mirror, thinking "why is my hair all spiked up? why do ppl always claim that i dyed my hair? Why does it grow that fast? Why are these eyebrows a tad bit askew? Madba: Full of whys... Why are u spending ur afternoon looking at yourself, u piece of vain magazine cover. "Why am i so short? Why do i sound like a girl? Why am i super sensitive? Why..." madba: Oi... assignments... ur assignments! "Why is a part of me mocking my daily habit? Why haven't i baiki my bike"

madba: i give up... so be it.

Afiq and his insecurities...

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