Dig this. I laughed histerically at 3 am reading cold mountain.. I'll type a piece of it here:

Neither knew what to say further, and so Inman said, I need to get on. He took Ada's hand on and just brushed his lip to the back of it and turned it loose.
When not twenty feet gone, though, he looked back over his shoulder and saw her just turning to walk to the house. Too soon. She had not even waited for him to round the first bend in the road.
Ada caught herself and stopped and looked at im. She threw up a hand in a wave and then realized that he was still to near for that suitable gesture, so she drew her hand awkwardly and tucked a stray bit of hair back into the heavy bun at her neck as if that had been her first intent.

That was just so lovely. Clumsy but lovely. Alas, my potential wife checklist;
-loves reading
-hates cooking
-art literate
-clear conscience
-true to herself
-likes learning new things (coz i don't)
-likes cheese
-wear black once i a while
-likes to watch oprah
-kind to everyone
-treats me as an equal, not as a guard dog.
-dig kuch kuch hota hai

Im asking too much for my own good. Too much. sigh. i need a bestfriend. a person who introduce me new music, new things, enlighten me with her perspective of the world, i really do. I do, i do, i do-oo. (tiru kel from Kenan n Kel)(u know the part when kenan ask kel 'want some orange soda')

Anyway hijjaz is coming this friday. boo hoo. I'll go make a model or something. I really want to be macho, strong but silent type but when i reconsider my personality shift decision, Strong silent type wont go far in life. They'll end up as gov workers with 5 kids. Being myself is such a bother. Ppl are disturbed with my 'loudness'. I express myself that way, what other way? what? what? Eish, i'm confused... really am... enlighten me.. i beg of you..

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