Elanour Roosevelt: no one can hurt you without your consent.

I can make myself look like I'm not hurt but I really am. I'm a full time sucker in friendship. I know. I still have you KID. Do you know that feeling; when your eyes twitched and your eyelashes danced to the flicker of your surprised eyelids. The feeling of having all moisture in your body sucked to the head, your head starts feeling heavy and your ears ached with great irritation. You cheeks flushed with colours of cherries and apple and soothing cold, salty liquid soothed the intense heat of your face. God is great. Imagine being upset without crying; would've been a nightmare, wouldn't it.

Here I am feeling sour and bitter and there's Haikal in the cafeteria, talking to a group of girls. He probably didn't feel a thing. So be it.

Investigation continues; I asked all his so called cliques about him, you know, his hidden traits and I collected similar response. They all think that Haikal is an introvert by nature with his hidden agenda revolving around himself. Another word for it: just plain selfish. To caught up with himself to cared about others. Farhat told me that Haikal sometimes didn't even say a word to him for a week. He didn't bother so why should Farhat? They got used to his attitude I guess.. kinda vain really, look at his friendster profile. I should've sense this earlier

Well, I value friendship and one bad apple will not poison me. Never. Friendship is for eternity. It's only natural.

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