Diary of a PSYCHO guy: MADBA

6.00 - Haik tell me off, left some bruises there.
6.15 - followed him to HS
6.20 - since his table was occupied, i ate at the far corner of the cafeteria
6.45 - ate tembikai and drank soya bean beside a tembok
6.50 - rode off to a bridge nearby
7.00 - buat-buat tido (i know...psychotic isn't it?)
7.20 - he passed by.. dier buat donno that my bike is parked beside the bridge
7.22 - chased after him from a diff direction
7.25 - waited nearby Zain's car.
7.30- rode off to oops (bump) into them
7.35 - 'terserempak them again' so haik will have no reason to bump into me once we both sampai ke destinasi.
7.37 - mission failed

This is how i differentiate myself from others. I do ridiculous stuff for ridiculous reasons.

HEY, and please dont take this blog seriously. IT'S a personal blog. Go to madba's lah..

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