It seems that i am a bit eager to hang out with Haikal. Come to think about it, it's pretty pathetic. Yea...pathetic.

Haikal, nak makan kat ne?
Haikal ko pegi mana satgi?
Haikal, design ko macam mane?

I was expecting him to (at least) return the favour and persuade me to join his outings or lunch or whatever... but it seems now that he never even intended to do so. I'm being giddy, i know. So yesterday i stop talking to him and guess what, until this moment he haven't said a word to me. Pretty interesting, eh? Jual mahal eh Haik? It hurts a bit but i reckon this bitter feeling will wash off, given time.

It hurts when you know that you're giddy all over a person who doesn't give a shit about you. Hah. It hurts. Life lesson hurts. I know. So be it.

I just knew today that will young, winner of pop idol is gay!
He's website is supercool!

madba: visit MY blog at or or.... or.. i'l *^^&*%
afiq: it's raining girls, allahu akbar, it's raining girls

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