Something funny happened when i was on the LRT yesterday: a pickpocket succeeded to 'magically' make my wallet disapear from my pocket and it reappeared on the floor. Magic. Embarrassed, the pickpocket quickly mingled in the crowd and performed another trick: he disapeared. Hmm..... Eh, can you make your dignity dissapear too.. hahah.

i was not informed of a black out in uia but it did happened; at 10.30 and i was rushing to finish my presentation for this upcoming crit. Blinded and lost, i did my work outside, my vision was aided by the moonlight. It was not working too well so i did my work in a friend's room. Haikal's.

It's weird. It's not as though i'm in love with him or anything but our friendship is somewhat similar to a friendship i had when i was 9 years old. The chap's name is Jason Ng. We were as competitive as hungry dogs fighting over a sirlon steak but retraced our bond during lunch or after school. I never intended or declared our friendship but when we accidentally exchanged our english exercise book, he wrote.

"My best friend's name is Arfik. He is 9 years old. He is malay and his religeon is Islam. We like to talk and share lunch during recess. I like him very much and look forward to talk to him everyday."

The words stuck, as a token of pure childhood friendship. I really felt the same way. I can speak freely of anything when i'm with haikal. We're just very, very, very, very competitive. That's all. During my longlasting friendship with Jason, I began to become even more serious in my studies and beat him in everything, even math and passed the UPTS test and then, our friendship ended. Same goes with me and Stephanie but what if one day i'll surpass haikal. I don't want to lose another friend.

My fate is on your hand Allah, and i bid you praises for your rewards. Please make all my friendships lasting like my love to you. Amen.

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