It's hard to pick yourself up when your heart is at the deepest pit. My heart is. It's heavy and every breath of air seems cold and unseemly. Again, like any other presentations, i was outdo by haikal without justification.

A guest critic pointed out that she doesn't like my grass-ramp: i informed her that it will ease sewer flow, decrease absorbtion of sun heat and ...oh.. i'll go on forever. She still doesn't like it and made it obvious by only giving remarks about the ramp, ignoring any other sense of space i prepared. I was lashed. By heart tiptoed on the verge of total bodily disconnection. In short, i'm pissed. Haikal was again praised for his design. It's fully air-conditionered, bigger than the allowable site, does not have ANY landscape element and a mix n matched combination of STEEL AND GLASS. That means more air-conditioning. A humongous, bigger than life house for a couple with a kid. See... i'm never misdirected on my purpose of being angry with this predicament.

Again... me and my ecological design.. i'm going to stick to it, knowing that's the design of the future. Haikal maybe resembled designs in glossy architecture magazine but i'll proceed with my stance and be proud of it.

Work harder afiq... crying time is over... beat haikal in your own standards..

Thanks madba

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