It's midnight. I have loads and loads of assignments including a submission tomorrow. I'm practically broke. Yet, yet, yet I feel lovely. It's God's presence. The love i reserved for myself rescued me. The love God provided. The love of my parents. They need not to text me any teddy bears made from numbers and symbols. They don't need to. I don't need to. Yet, yet, yet I feel their love. I really do. I don't mind if Umi berleter nonstop. i know she loves me. I don't mind if Bapak lectured me about my management skills. i know he loves me. I don't mind if God prepared difficult obstacles in my life. i know He loves me. I do.

And just for that.. i feel lovely.. i feel like writing a poem using architectural terms,, so i will (madba! jangan kacau)

U're always there, waiting
on the loggia, singing a heart-filled atrium..
There are membranes, planes that
incoperates seperation
so it seems
so it seems
u open your occoli when i my heart fell below
the relative temperature of human comfort
so i did
....opened my fenestration and welcomed you
u ventilated my habitation with much grace
u brought my comfort level to the understanding
of general comfort
so i did
repositioned my mies to the landscape area
and solidified the understanding of your love
with a book in my hand
with my heart
with my soul
with my T square

i have the craziest crush ever on someone. It's so crazy that i decided to disclose any of its progress..
Oh and haikal wants me to 'clear up' his image by telling everyone he has a girlfriend. Funny. It's OK if ur orientation is different from others. It's just natural, funny.

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