Tell me what went wrong here. This is the smses between me and Haikal:


Knape aku jahatkan? Apsalkan? Hmm... Kalau ikutkan, aku macam terhegeh nk ikut ko kan? Aku testla cuba 2,3 hari tak cakap ngan ko n then mmg ko tak kisah nk tegur sapa pun. Rasa diri macam poyo lebik kt ko so ntah, aku ada confuse sket, Ko takyah cakap pe2. Aku tgh rasa macam loserish skang

Ey sory 2 msges ko, aku br nie? aku tak buat ape-ap pun.huhu

Tulah. Sbb ko tal buat ape2 lah aku rasa loserish. Mcm aku tak layak disapa. Ko je ake sapa n org lain. Ntahla haik, aku tak tau kenapa tapi aku sakit hati sket.

I was stupid to think you even cared as a friend. Im stupid to make qualities that's not even yours.

(one hour later) You didnt cared to text back. Wat a fren! Piss off..

Ala, aku mmg layan org macam tu. tapi kalau ko terase tu aku tak taula.. huhu..da

Aku je yang asyik layan ko kan. Aku yang ajak ko makan, aku yang tanya pasal design, aku yang pergi bilik ko. Ko pernah tak. Aku tak tau la haik.

Mmg aku layan org macam tu. Fikri, Imran, Farhat semua aku layan macamtu. Kalau ko saket hai tu aku tak taula tapi buat pe aku nak pretend kan. Mmg aku layan org macam tuh, sory ah kalau ko terase tapi nak buat camne

Haikal. Ko betol. Aku Salah

For what I've done to you, you compared me with Imran, Fikri, Farhat... who probably never even... gosh, i'm pissed. Is this what people call friendship. (crying) I thought we were best friends. I tell you all my secrets and so did u. We designed under the candle light talking about stuff i never thought i could talk to to a human being. I cried, complained and shared all my entities with you and still.......

You hurt me too many times, Haik.

Remember the time when you told me you're not going to do anything special during portfolio day but when i came to the studio at night to post my drawings, u were there decorating ur partition, outdoing all the others. Do u know how it hurts when u lied? I cried, picked myself up, look for anything from the garbage bin to decorate my partition.

U wanted to borrow my bike pump. I brought it over to ur room. I told you before hand that i need it for my bike. U didn't bother. I went to ur room and took it back. It hurts haik. I feel like shit.

U hurt me too many times since matrix but i stuck with you...
And now you're comparing me with the lots that teased and intimidated you. I protected you for some reason. God.. I feel like a fool. U can't imagine how wet my shirt is wiping all this tears. Please...God, why do u keep doing this to me.. introducing me to friends that hurt me so much. I'm hurt. Really, really hurt.

Time willeth heal the broken twig of a shattered heart...

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