TV presenter, me! BAH!

A friend of my aunt, a hot shot from the media business told me to go for 8tv's audition as a part timer; presenter when he heard me talking furiously with my uncle about the insulting cartoon controversy. He potong stim and ask me to call his friend Simon to get the detail of the audition. Cool eh? Not really... I'm dreadfully embarrassed when speaking my childhood english; the english accent i've been using since i was erm... 9. The time I went to Sabah. It's very weird, this accent so I dare not use it in UIA. No one ever heard of it before. No one! I used my normal malaysian english accent which I'm not to comfortable with because.... it's more acceptable. The audition... i'm really not sure. Should I. I talk rubbish all the time. My fantasies.. u really don't want to go there.. and I'm not much of a looker.. Argh! I'll sleep on it.

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