Sue told me that I'm clingy. I guess she's right. I am.. clingy... I know.

The problem is I am a target for bullies since I was 8 and each bully either got caned by the principal or suspended. Classmates began to alienate me and this happens throughout my childhood until i was 16. I didn't get bullied then except for that half german blob of a guy.. Geramnye.. but he left school. phew..

So Haik I'm sorry that our perspective on friendship differ but that's alright. I guess i cherished my friends. They are rare, u know. And I dont think we have to 'declare' friendship.. it's an understanding between both parties. We don't even have to declare relationships..

So that's that. I will just be super careful when befriending others or i'll get hurt again. I hate getting hurt. Eh, recent events made me read cold mountain furiously and in less than 2 days, i practically finished it... Inman died.. sigh.. Ada married a boy...sigh.. happy ending? Ade la sket; the part when Inman nazak during the snow storm and Ada kissed him, like two passionate silence of death.. sigh..

Kay.. next book please...

Watched big momma.. Hilarious like heck; im not implying heck is hilarious; it's just an expression. Cool movie.. Baik punya cilok... thumbs down BORING>>>>>

So what's next haik? (chewah, konon dah ok la tu).. Mom's back in Sabah with Putra... Oh yes, Hadi (my bro) is going to Kedah in about a month. I won't be going anywhere.. Gombak sucks! It sucks all the fun of KLness.

And blogreaders... keep the info to yourself rite.. HA.. maybe this haik fued is JUST a tactic to attract more readers.. The truth is out there. I am in here in the bilal CC typing like a madman.

It's only natural

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