We SHOULD Have Sex Ed Classes In Malaysia

I saw another picture of an abandoned baby today. My initial reaction to this was "Kejinya.." before I paused to ponder. "Kejinya kerajaan kita."

Last week the parliament voted against sex education for schools. And this was after we saw pictures and read news of cases revolving abandoned babies day after day, week after week. When the idea was first introduced, the initial thought that ran through my head was "We don't have sex ed class? Really?"

But then again, I was schooled in private schools. We had student body governments and secret societies. I realised that I was a tad naive to think that all schools are the same but sex ed shouldn't be a priviledge confined to private schools. It should be taught in all schools; sekolah kebangsaan, sekolah jenis, sekolah teknik, sekolah agama and you know, all schools.

I think there is a general misconception about sex ed. A lot of people think sex ed classes are classes where teachers teach their student how to have sex everyweek. If you're on of these people, you are totally wrong.

Miss Gloria was one of my sex ed teachers. She seperated the guys from the girls and held seperate lectures. She entered the classroom smiling like a MILF. "Ooh La La!" was her introduction to this strange and alien lecture. We sniggered.

She taught us about how it is natural to be attracted to the opposite sex and how it also totally normal to think about sex all the time. A good christian kid raised his hand to rebuke "But we can always remove those thoughts by remembering Jesus." Gloria gave him a broad smile and proceeded with a slide show. She showed us the development of the male and female bodies. Some kids gasped. Hypocrits.

Considering her constant MILF-ish smiles and her rather revealing dress, I thought she was going to narrate a sex chapter from a romance novel. To my dissapointment, her lecture was the informative kind. She explained to us the mechanics of sex like penis insertion, orgasm, ejaculation, etc. We've all seen porn videos at some point so her stuff were considered juvenile. But just when I thought I could dismiss the class with a "alah, dah tahu dah.." mental note. She pulled out a condom.

Everyone was giddy. Some even laughed. "This is a condom." She put on gloves, took out the rubber ring and showed it to us like magician revealing the missing card. She told us about safe sex and how we should practice it if we ever have sex. For the first time in my life, I finally understood the gravity of sex. As I looked around, my classmates weren't so excited about sex anymore, as if sex is now suddenly a lethal weapon.

She then told us other aspects of sex like masturbation. "I realise some of you think masturbation is an evil thing, as told by your respective religions but in a scientific point of view, it is a completely healthy activity." That statement pretty much broke the long standing awkwards silence. After that, we were literally gagging her with questions like "How many times can we masturbate a day?" and "When is the perfect time to have sex?"
By the end of the compulsary 1 hour lecture, I didn't think of sex the way I did before. It was no longer a magical and enigmatic subject of interest. I dawned upon me that sex is a serious act with consequences, and not all fun and games as reported by Mr. Google.

My sex ed class experience was a bit liberal to be implemented in all schools but I bet teachers would find techniques most effective to teach their students about sex.

I'm proud to say that since the implementation of sex ed classes, there were no cases of student pregnancies or abortion in my school ever since. Our neighboring public school however had to put up with dozens of young mothers with counselling and parent-teachers interventions. Some students even quit school to become full time mothers to safe themselves from public humiliation. So it's only common sense that we need Sex Ed Classes in Malaysia.


Lena Harith said...

LOL!! Miss Gloria is hilarious!

I agree with you. Sex ed definitely should be given in public schools. In high school, though, tak payah awal-awal sangat.

It's not like kids are that innocent anymore nowadays. Even Fairly Oddparents -- which my little six year old brother watches like it's his life's purpose -- has had mild sexual references. The last time I watched the cartoon show, the whole episode was fixated on the wordplay of 'Uranus', if you know what I mean.

So yes, as kids already know enough about sex to be curious about, they absolutely need to be taught the perils of unsafe sex etc etc. Though, if I am not mistaken in Islam onani is forbidden too. So, buatlah benda-benda yang lebih beneficial, kan? Amek wuduk, baca Quran, selawat, ie do anything to get your mind off the dirty stuff.

Different schools can of course utilise different methods or techniques in teaching said sex ed, like you said; so long as they hit home the main point, right?

Anoneemus™ said...

Lena,some ulama' even agreed that masturbation is allowed in critical sitch where a man has d chance to perform zina, and cannot tahan anymore.Kiranya choose d lesser of 2 evils lah.But only if other options cannot stop him.

I think sex edu is not against Islamic edu at all.It's science.It's about God's creation. I think they should not debate on whether to hv sex edu or not, but discuss the best way to deliver it.

Just teach them in academical manners lah!

Kids need to know about the consequences, and what to do in case it turns out bad. Hell yeah even Malaysian adults dun know much abt sex, aint it?

In short, sex edu cannot be treated as taboo.
Why? - the babies, the unhappy marriages(sexlife), and the adulteries resulting from it.

Anonymous said...

No need sex ed since Islam already perfect...When you learn akhlak in school..you'll which is wrong deed or not..

So, I guess, our government should gave Islamic ed more and deeper to the students..

I've been in Islamic school for 10 years...but I can see that each of 2 and three years, the text book is going thinner..

this mean..gov. gave us just small knowledge abt Islam.the truth is ...what we know and we learn at school is just basic things abt Islam..

if you have time..you can make some comparison Islamic school text book (for Islamic ed)for this year and ten years ago..*How I wish I was born ten years ago~

Bazilah said...


I agree with you. Sex eds should be given to high schoolers, those yang dah tahu apa itu sex. Sex does feel like something which is to be handled with a heavy responsibilities pasal banyak consequences to that action.

So sad, how it can't get through a Muslim country like ours that well, when the benefits are like a lot dibandingkan dengan the disads.

Excuse my Englay, but yeah, I guess when sex eds can be given to them teens, maybe there won't be that many babies suffocated into black plastic bags or got dumped in the forest and left to die frozen or bitten.


Anonymous said...

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