Sorting Out My Finance

Financial prudence is something no one ever taught me when was a child. I mostly do my personal financing unconsciously in my head. I thought all is well until a friend of mine got awfully sick and was hospitalised in a public hospital. I went to visit him at the hospital where he shared a small room with a makcik with a broken limb and an insaf-ed Mat Rempit.

Why can't he be treated in a private hospital where it is more comfortable? Common sense: private hospitals are expensive. The only way for him to get admitted into one is when his insurance company covers him. This got me thinking, when I get sick, I want to be admitted into a private hospital, not a dingy room with hissing ceiling fans.

So for the past week, I've been reading up on personal financial planning and taught myself how to record and handle my finance. I also gave myself a Microsoft Excel refreshment course with the help of my Excel-savvy aunt.

I'm only starting but I already feel empowered and prepared. This way, I can keep myself debt-free and eventually be able to afford private healthcare. That is currently my no.1 concern: Healthcare.

I also feel very in control of my life and luck is no more a dependant source of personal reassurance. Plus, I'm a lot stingier, no, thrifty now.


Miss Aida said...

I think a lot of banks also offer financial planning courses, and how to manage your finances long term. It's a good investment to have.

Afiq Deen said...

they do? I will most definitely go to my bank and inquire them about the courses.

That is by far the greatest investment money can buy (or is it FOC?) :Knowledge.

myadlan said...

instead of Excel, why don't you try Google Docs - Spreadsheet? at least you can access your file anywhere anytime.