Busy Writing

I am currently writing a femme fatale short film entitled 'Ahmar'. It is about a disturbed woman's mission to kill a reknowned Ustaz. I'm very much inspired by Park Chan Wook's Sympathy of Lady Vengeance. You could also say that I'm copying his concept but then again, in film nothing is original. Making an original film is like creating a molecule from nothing, which is literally Godly.
I think the most interesting part of the film is that I will kill the Ustaz character in the most sadistic (and ironic) way possible. I know what you're thinking. FUN.
I'm making a strong statement in this film but not in a malicious way. 'Ahmar' will be my debut short film in the Film Festival circuit so I'm making sure it will garner a lot of controversy.
Oh, Fun, fun, fun.

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