Detik MH Interview

I was one of the five who was called in to the Menara Star for a group interview. It was for the R.Age section, a section dedicated to youths and young adults. This must've been my third newspaper interview but strangely enough, it felt as if it was my first. Nervous gila.

I changed my shirts and pants 6 times before stepping out of the room, only to be bombarded with unwelcomed constructive criticism. After changing for another 3 times and took pictures of my attempts to compare and contrast. My favourite is attempt 3:

but they said it was too 'superhero-ish' so I took off the Brighton tshirt and replaced my black corderoy with a ginger one: attempt 9.

The interview turned out to be... err.. a mess.

Three relatively quiet people + one extremely nervous guy + a talkative 'my this, my that, mine, my, I, I,' Iranian = awkward mess. I think the Iranian was just super excited to be interviewed (or probably had a vision that he'd already won) but I was still thoroughly annoyed. Being the hospitable Malaysians that we are, we let his imposing gesture slide. That, my friend, is what MH is all about.

The photoshoot was like any other photoshoot; awkward, stiff and instruction-starved.

But in the end, everything turned out well. I made friends with some of the finalists and exchanged contacts. They are a bunch of very talented people and I would like to work with them someday. Barbara is an outspoken activist who expresses her dissatisfactions through her work. Amin is a sempoi guy with bulging biceps who has a jealousy-worthy filmmaker IQ. Bryan is a talented cinematographer who can make cow dung look like a piece of art. And then there's the Iranian guy. Sheesh, even my memory of him is annoying.



What's with the hair though ngeeee....

Afiq Deen said...

the hair? Atasan arahan UIA, hahaha.

Aliey said...

Excuse me, can you put a picture of Amin, the newly met friend? I think he was my long lost friend!

Afiq Deen said...

i think you can just google his name to look for his facebook page. Amin Affendi.

bryanlyt said...

"Bryan is a talented cinematographer who can make cow dung look like a piece of art."

LOL, srsly? o.O